And so the year progresses ...

 As we now head into April I'm sure many find it difficult to believe where we find ourselves now.  Who would have believed just at the start of this year that such a state could be possible ?

But, sadly, here we are.  Having to be isolated, having to be apart from those we love, and remaining indoors.  But let that not get you too down, if you have access to phones, mobiles, internet, keep in touch with loved ones, share a laugh, a message of encouragement.

Learn new skills together, watch films or shows, read books, learn something you always wanted to learn but always put off.

As hard as it may now seem, this too shall pass and maybe after, the world won't just go back to the way things were, I for one hope never to take things for granted.

I have included as an addition to this main page information for those who sew on how to make face masks.

I send you all my love and remember - keep washing those hands and keep social distancing, difficult as it is.

Best Wishes

Elizabeth Hair