A little about moi

Me in 2012 before a tumour changed everything.

I have crafted all my life, as a youngster I took every craft class school had to offer; from clay modelling to art, woodwork, metalwork, even working moulding plastics.

Over the years I've seen new things I wanted to try and I never see a piece of art and think oh! I could never do that, I look at it and think, how did they do that so I can have a go myself.

In the coming months I hope to start on Pyrography - the art of burning designs into wood, with a kit I bought for Christmas.

The years haven't been easy but with patience and the constant support from family and friends each day gets easier, so thank you all for your kind words of encouragement.

Now in 2018 - Although the tumour was removed, I suffered two strokes which affected my left arm but I'm slowly trying to return to the crafts I love, if anything they will be great therapy.