I love creating worlds in miniature.

From the moment I saw a miniature scene I was hooked.  The idea you could recreate anything from books to whole houses just fascinated me.

But as with every hobby, it's expensive. 

The best part about miniatures is that alot of them, such as cross stitch, you can make yourself.

My first project was a card with a scene in the 90's for a work colleague, then after 2000 I got my own dollhouse and three scenes all of which are ongoing projects, as well as the opportunity to decorate a dollhouse for one of the Lawyers I worked for, lastly I did a nursery in a book similar to one I'd seen in a magasine. 

In the following pages I'll showcase a gallery of these projects and hope to add more in future including of course something Harry Potter related.  Click on the images to see in better detail and note the text included beneath each image.