Various other items

This page contains the various other projects I've done such as Pyrography - burning designs into wood.

It's not the easiest of crafts, but I was happy with the results and will definitely do more in future.  The wood keychains I bought are great because of course it means I can do a design on each side, in this case a wolf on one side and a wolfs' paw on the reverse.

The little chihuahua image is of our late dog Fudge on a small wooden oval dish I gave to mum (we lost Fudge to Cancer in 2020 so this dish means more to us now).

In addition to this, I started making other keychains, using bottle cap kits.  I made a 'Gorjuss' one for myself, an 'Assassin's Creed' one for my brother, and the one for mum features an image of our Fudge. 

The great thing about these bottle cap kits which come with clear caps to protect the inserted image, is that their are numerous uses for them; keychains, pendants, as toppers on cards and so on.  The crystal used on my keychains is a swarovski but anything can be added.

Next, I saw a broach similar to this in a magasine and just had to make it, it required a bottle cap painted pink, a small amount of beads are inlaid and a small decorative bead, then the butterfly added for effect.  You can either make it into a pendant or as I did, attach a broach fitting to the back.

Lastly, I had a go making Salt Dough to make the ornaments on these cards, they are detachable so can be used as pendants, key chains etc.